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The difference between ink toners and ink

Many people who use office printing equipment still aren’t actually sure what the differences between ink toners and ink are. However, for some reason they still prefer to use toner than ink. To properly be able to choose between ink and toner, it helps if you know the advantages of both types of printing supplies and then weigh them carefully against your specific printing needs.

The biggest advantage of an ink-based printer is the price and this has basically led the ink market towards using four-colour processing as well as the introduction of larger sized printers. A lot of consumers like to use ink as it prints quicker and it gives a lot of print outs per cartridge. However, many users also feel that the quality of prints that are produced are also superior when compared to ink toners because of the smaller particle size of the materials.

Inkjet is also considered to be more user-friendly and the imprinting of objects is better. This is because of the relatively low price when compared to screen printing. Ink-based appliances are generally regarded to be better when it comes to print quality and efficiency.

While ink is a liquid substance, toner is actually more like a powder which is usually made up of carbon or synthetic polymers. Up until recently, toner-based were only good for printing in black. However, things have changed as they are now popular for printing in colour and the number of prints per cartridge as well as the speed is also increasing. The main reason that ink and toners are so popular is because the printing industry is moving in the direction of digital imaging.

Toner-based printers are focusing their energy on providing quality image and text documents, but have also been working on their speed and efficiency when it comes to laser-imaged applications. Many consumers consider toner to be cleaner and easier to work with than ink. This is because most of the ink toners are designed on specialised fuser technology which actually allows the substance the same type of flow and viscosity as ink. Another advantage of toner is that the printed documents typically last longer than ink documents.

However, many people don’t really have a preference as they just use the printing facilities that are made available to them at their place of employment. All those people are really concerned about are the ease of use, the quality of the printing and usually the speed. And both ink and toner deliver the goods when it comes to all three. The ease of changing a cartridge may also be on some people’s minds, but that’s considered a pretty easy job too by most people.

There are many places to buy ink toners and inks and a lot of offices are now buying their supplies from online printer ink dealers. This generally gives them a cheaper price and they can compare costs before committing to specific store. Inkmartcanada.com is generally considered to be one of the best online printer supply shops to deal with for their prices and customer service.

Printer Ink and Toner Cartridges

InkMart offers factory OEM and compatible printer ink and laser cartridges and inkjet refill kits of the highest quality at great discounts to you!  Our high quality, high yield compatible printer ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges are manufactured brand new and built to the highest performance and quality standards (ISO-9001) and are great replacements for Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark, Brother, Samsung, Okidata as well as all other major brand printers.

Choose from our wide selection of remanufactured cartridges for Canon toner, Epson toner, HP toner, Brother toner, Samsung toner and Lexmark toner. Our customers often prefer to choose these products because of their high print quality, high page yield, high toner yield and overall lifetime usage. We replace all important internal parts with brand new parts, so that quality and performance meets our standards – and yours!  Many of the “cheaper” laser toner cartridges you find in stores and elsewhere are refilled with toner, but the components are not replaced, which can cause problems when you are ready to print. InkMartCanada.com only offers high quality ink cartridges and laser toner cartridges.

Outstanding Quality and Value

InkMart provides quality OEM printer ink with major savings over retail and other internet vendors, saving you time and money. Our own compatible products are 100% guaranteed, whether they are inkjet toner cartridges, ink toner cartridges, or cartridges for Epson ink, Canon ink, Brother ink, and Xerox ink and other brands of ink and toner. You can also purchase directly from InkMartCanada.com genuine OEM HP ink toner cartridges, black ink, copier toner, fax toner as well as products for Canon, Xerox, Sharp, Lexmark, Okidata and Brother printers.

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